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Her paintings are a brainstorm of her own inspiration, a new form of liberty.

"Colors and Nature have profound spiritual meanings that can greatly affect our vibrations".

Because she comes from a tropical climate, her paintings are nature and jungle,

full of color and decorative art, modern, and enthusiastic that possess a joyful Caribbean touch

with the prosperity of contrast and harmony.

She combines graphics with abstraction and figurative images along with robust and intense tones.

She transforms the ordinary into a creative vision with original abstractions.

One way or another her roots are revealed in her work.

Adriana's interest in painting is her way to express and exhaust her feelings through creative impulse to fulfill an immense inner need.

The process of conveying something new into being, something that did not exist before,

an idea.

Painting suggests that the act of creating is a biological need that is essential to human nature. 

She considers art as a gateway to the world of knowledge and cultures around us.

"Through art, we can modify our concepts and perceptions".

Her work has taken her to search for new experiences,

which are the motivation of her creations.

She is always looking for challenges to conceptualize

her thoughts within the spontaneous nature of her inside world like

 “new images in a new world of possibilities” …

Adriana Plaza


Venezuelan Plastic Artist

Fort Lauderdale Fl, USA

Adriana Plaza was born in Caracas, Venezuela. At a very young age her interest in art was very strong.

She learned drawing and color techniques in workshops with notable Venezuelan painters, where she improved and developed her paintings skills and achieved her own style working with acrylic paints on wood and three-dimensional elements. She studied Marketing and Advertising and graduated in Caracas, Venezuela.

 She then went on to earn a degree in “Instituto per L'arte e il Restauro” in Florence-Italy. Moved to Miami - Florida in 2002 and has exhibited her work in art galleries, cafes, art shows and has also participated in several workshops including “The Art School” at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

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